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Amsterdam in Pictures – King’s Day

There are few cities as picturesque as Amsterdam, the canals, the buildings, the people. A few times during the year things get crazy.  One of those days is April 27, King’s Day,  the celebration of the king’s birthday, aka a time to close down the city and party.    A quick photo essay about my time during this magical day.


With thousands of people expected, the urinors come out in full force.  The highlight are of course the color schemes and lines into the sewer.

Toilet Paper Tree

I opted for indoor plumbing.  This may be my favorite tree ever.

Hare Krishna parade

The Hare Krishnas starting their march.  Admittedly all I know about them comes from the movie Airplane.


A boat heading down the canal.


An even bigger boat heading down the canal.


Trying to get a picture of the craziness of the street, I got a great photobomb instead.

The Fonz

I can’t be sure, but this may be the Dutch version of The Fonz.

I have no idea

I’m stumped.  Feel free to send me a caption for this one.

Wooden bikes…and an ass.

A couple of wooden bikes and an ass.


Bottles everywhere.

And then there’s the aftermath.  After a hard day of partying some didn’t fare as well as others.

Broken musicians

They came to Amsterdam as innocent musicians looking to ply their trade.  After a crazy day, the town had eaten them up and like many others, they wound up in a trash heap.

Floating away til next year

April 28, yet another successful King’s Day, at least for some, is done.

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Friday Night in Downtown Vegas

I love Vegas.  I love the lights, the action, the fact that as soon as you step off the plane you skin begins to feel like a lizard.  Now while the strip has its charm, like being able to walk, or more likely uber, from New York to Paris to Venice, the real magic happens in and around Freemont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.  As soon as the sun goes down, the area takes on a life of its own, the likes of which you have most likely never seen before, nor will you ever see again.

Freemont Street.

People all dressed up for a night out on Freemont Street.


Western Hotel 

This was the only time I gambled in downtown.  I walked down an abandoned street to get this picture.  Walking back I saw a mysterious figure in the shadows.  Passing by, my fears were diminished as I saw it was just some guy taking a dump in the alley.

Old entrance to the Western Hotel.

The Western Hotel once again.  Heads everywhere and a chest scrawled into the glass.

Elvis out for a stroll

Elvis out for a walk.  One of several out and about on Friday night.

KISS in all their glory

Speaking of celebs, one of the two KISS bands downtown.  Moon boots and a thong, a perfect look.

Llamas Stay Free

Sold Out…and a sign from election night.


This picture is a visual smorgasbord encompassing all that is downtown.  Of course, the highlight for me is the woman fondling the big balls.


And in closing, a short video of a giant flame throwing preying mantis playing Huey Lewis which greets you at Container Park.  Of course it does.