Ripped from the Headlines

“You know it might be crazy enough to work, he pondered as he placed his ad on Craigslist; I could finally unlock one of the key mysteries of life, pure bliss.  After years of exhaustive research, a press conference was scheduled with all the world’s media in attendance.   His little spark of an idea […]

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Ripped from the Headlines

Seeing an ad in the back of the World News Review, she thought, why not.  The promise of earthquake inducing sexual pleasure and a simple outpatient procedure were enough to convince her to take the plunge.   Without letting him on her little secret, she decided to surprise him that night.  Two seconds later, disaster.  It […]

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A thought

  I’m thinking it’s just somebody giving the middle finger, although, the yoga mat does make me nervous.

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Donny and Marie 9/30/99

Below is a screenshot of the rundown one of my first shows as a producer at Donny and Marie. Yes, I went from Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, where I had to learn the proper way to address her even though she was there to speak about Wedgwood china, to Mac King, who makes his […]

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Comedy Bit – Judge Reinhold

While working on Penn and Teller’s Sin City Spectacular, a great show on FX that was cancelled way too early, I had the pleasure of collaborating with celebrities.  As one of the producers on the show, it was my responsibility to try to get the guests to do something out of the ordinary, something that […]

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