8 months til 50

So this blog was supposed to be about turning 50 and so far, all its been about is a trip to Mexico. At this point, I’m about 8 months away from my birthday and so far the reality of 50 has just not set in. For example, the tv commercial for the shows I watch, consist of either ads for reverse home mortgages, which as the Fonz has told me are for people 62 and over, and/or acne products which fortunately I only need when the girl I ask to the prom says no. 50 is like this weird middle ground that I refuse to believe, contrary to the hundreds of emails I get, is the “target” audience for Viagra.
So since nothing profound has come about in anticipation of turning 50, I guess I’ll just talk about whatever else is rattling around in my brain which today happens to be movie scripts. I have many ideas in various stages of the process, but the one I’m focusing on, at least today, stems from a recent conversation with a friend. I will protect his/her name, unless or until they tell me otherwise, which, after reading this most likely will not happen.
Logline. (A description of the movie in a sentence or two).

A happily married accountant with two kids and a model life has a near death experience three weeks before his 50th birthday and is convinced by his divorced, immature best friend and college roommate, to go on a life altering 72 hour trip to Amsterdam.


Seth and Jay, both 49, have been friends since being paired together as freshman roommates in college. Through marriages, divorces, births of kids, deaths of parents, they have been there for each other despite leading completely different lives. Seth, an accountant, has worked for the same NYC company for twenty years; Jay, an entrepreneur, has been living the life of a retiree since he sold his last business. Seth, lives in New Jersey with his wife of 24 years and two sons, ages 17 and 14; Jay, lives in a hotel, divorced with his ex-wife living in the old family home with his two daughters, ages 17 and 16. Through it all, for the past ten years, they have had weekly lunches in the city to catch up, vent, and lately, to discuss their impending 50th birthdays.
One night, three weeks before his birthday, Seth hits an ice patch causing a horrible one car accident. While no one was hurt, it’s clear he’s been shaken. With nothing else seemingly working to get him out of his doldrums, Jay arranges a three day bonding trip to Amsterdam. Reluctantly, but finally with prodding from everyone in his life, Seth agrees to go.
Here would be a description of the trip, including the plane flight over, lost luggage, conversations in cafes with people from around the world, breakups, make ups and a big dose of the red light district. So it’s a buddy movie. Two middle aged guys hanging out for 3 days in Amsterdam. If I had to compare it to movies in the mainstream, I guess I would have to say it’s a cross between The Hangover and The Chosen.

More to come. Time to delete more Viagra emails. 
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