A Children’s Fairy Tale

The Adventures of Max and Max Cheese

Years ago, when the kids were small, I took a crack at writing the first of a series of bedtime stories.  Here is that story.   Any and all comments are welcome.

The Adventures of Max and Max Cheese

One beautiful summer day, Penelope was in the park. She was busy running around with all the other little children.  She came across a mother who was holding her new born baby.  She loved the baby.  It was small, smaller then her.  It smelled nice.  It smiled widely in it’s mothers arms.   Penelope wanted a baby of her own.  Someone she could hold and take care of.  Someone who would smile when in her arms.  It was just then she looked down and saw two very little babies.  She reached down with her cupped hands and picked them up.

“Hi Mommy.  I’m Max and this is my brother Max Cheese.”

Penelope was puzzled.  “Hi Max and Max Cheese, I’m Penelope, but I’m not your mommy.”

“You ARE our mommy” said Max Cheese.  “Whoever picks us up gets to be our mommy for the day.”

Penelope was thrilled with her new babies.  She ran over to her daddy who was sitting on a bench.

“Hi daddy.  These are my babies, Max and Max Cheese.”  She stretched out her hands to show her daddy. 

“Nice to meet you Max and Max Cheese,” said Penelope’s daddy.  He pretended he saw them, but he really couldn’t.

“How old are your babies Penelope?”

Penelope thought for a moment and then said, “They’re two, I mean they’re three.  No I think they are one.”  As she kept giving different ages Max and Max Cheese kept getting bigger and smaller.  They were getting dizzy, but they were having fun.

“Well have fun with your babies”, said Penelope’s father and he went back to reading his newspaper.

Penelope ran over to the swings.  “How about a ride Max and Max Cheese?”

They both cried hooray so Penelope careful put them on the swing and started to push, but not too hard because they were so small.  Penelope was having the time of her life with her new babies. 

From the swing they ran over to a bench and had a birthday party.  Then they went back to the swing.  Then they all went down the slide.  The babies then began to yawn.  Penelope had a great idea.  She loved to sleep on her daddies tummy so she knew the babies would like it too.  She carefully carried them over to her daddy and put them on his stomach.  They were asleep in no time. 

“Daddy, please don’t move, Max and Max Cheese are sleeping on your tummy.”

With a big grin, Penelope’s daddy told her not to worry.  In fact, he laid down on the grass so the babies would be more comfortable.

Minutes later Penelope was back.  Max and Max Cheese were up and were waiting for some more fun.  Back to the swings and the slide and another birthday party.  It was the best day ever. 

At the end of the day Penelope had to leave the park.  She wanted to take Max and Max Cheese with her, but they said they had to stay at the park for the next little girl who wanted to have some babies.   Penelope was sad, but she understood.  She kissed Max and then she kissed Max Cheese.  They all waved goodbye.

Max and Max Cheese knew Penelope was a good mommy.  As the park grew dark, they thought about their perfect day.   They knew tomorrow would bring a whole new adventure with a new mommy and so to contain their excitement, they both shot up some smack and drifted off to sleep. 

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