The One That Got Away

File from the TV days

Here is a pitch I made at the start of the reality TV craze.  I was looking to do something outrageous.  It still hasn’t been made.   



The latest craze in television is reality programming. People are obsessed with looking inside other lives. No where is that more evident then with the success of The Osbournes. Yet, with all their horseplay, cursing and seemingly questionable behavior, they don’t hold a candle to what the world is about to see. Prepare yourself for GET OUT OF MY HOUSE; a reality show like no other.  

With the divorce rate at over 50%, everyone knows someone or has themselves been involved in a divorce. People know about the fighting, the love gone wrong, the ultimate break-up and the inevitable re-coupling with another. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE takes you where no other show has gone before. Inside one house, two couples, and their children. The catch is that one of the couples has been divorced, and not a pretty divorce at that. How will they be able to live with their ex and their new mate under the same roof for the next 30 days. What will transpire? How will the insults fly? How will the annoying habits be magnified when the divorced couple is back together again? How will the new spouses get along? And the kids…what will happen when they are forced to interact under the same roof? With cameras in every room, every bit of action will be picked up. And particularly juicy bits of dialogue will be rebroadcast for everyone to hear and comment upon.

GET OUT OF MY HOUSE appeals to all. Watch the interaction you’ve only dreamed about. If you’ve been divorced, you’ve been there. If you know people getting divorced, see the reactions of the other side of the story. Sparks will fly from eating dinner to watching TV. Joint parenting decisions will never be made like this again. And when the family reunion with the extended family takes place, it will be like nothing Jerry Springer could have ever imagined. Nothing will be off topic, nothing will be edited out. See the real live footage of everyday divorced Americans and how they live. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE will take us where reality shows have dared to go.

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