Visual enjoyment

Here, an array of some of the pictures I took in the last few weeks and the comments with respect to each one.  You didn’t think I was just going to post some pictures without offering some sort of perspective, I mean this is a blog.


My new favorite As Seen on TV Product

I love products sold on TV.  I never buy, well except for that one can of Flex Seal, but I love the commercials.   Finally I’m tempted to make my next purchase.   Who wouldn’t want a star shower on their house.  Besides, I’m hedging my bets that the show will keep the anti-semites away.


The Ultimate Menu

Behold, the ultimate menu.  You can keep you fancy restaurants, I like a place where I can get an egg white omelette, someone else can get a wrap and the third person can get a filet mignon.  And don’t even get me started on the griddle magic, this place has it all.


Oh Siri.

You’re such a tease Siri.

Taken on November 8

I was in the city on election day.   Someone was very eager to get his book signed.  Little did he know what was in store that evening.

Donny Osmond

My old boss in his early days.  The first time I met he and Marie, he told me all the new staff had to get on the table and dance and strip.  I got up and started to take off my pants. He screamed out they were kidding.  They never knew what to expect from that day forward.


Happy holidays from in front of Macys.

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